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The number of forums that forced me to register for a single comment or to view an image every now and then and the number of small online shops I might buy something from once every three years or so are legion. Due to their number there's no way in hell I'll ever use distinct passwords for each, not even through some "schema". Also due to their number it's basically a given that at any particular moment in time whatever password I used with more or less all of them is already compromised. I would not be able to update them all before the new one would leak too from whichever of them is the weakest link - even if I would remember every single one of these places, which I don't come anywhere even close to.

It's a lost battle I'm not in the mood of fighting so no password managers for me - not that anyone would seem to bother posting in my name anywhere (or to they? Is this the real DropBear?!? Dun-dun-dun...) or buying me anything (card numbers are not involved - I only ever buy CoD at these shops, the whole point is that they are country-local). Yes, there are some higher value accounts, less than a dozen, that I do try looking after slightly better - but they are a drop in the ocean compared to the rest, and funnily enough their passwords tend to stay un-compromised. Regardless, most (that allow it) already also use 2FA anyway (TOTP if it's up to me; SMS if it's up to my bank - thanks a lot...)

All in all, a password manager - either online or offline - just sounds like such a catastrophic single point of failure (and such a juicy target to grab for anyone ever driving by - which is 100% a "when" not an "if") that I just can't stomach using one - at least this way my small collection of more precious passwords is only stored in my brain...

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