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Oh yeah, that hits the nail on the head. Went though that myself after my company bought the development of its (small) website; the web "developer" in reality outsources the actual development to Poland.

As usual, this tech project was initiated by a tech-ignorant boss, who thinks he is otherwise, without asking me or telling me anything until it was completed, and the result dropped into my lap.

The Polish coders developed said website, uploaded it to the required location but failed to change anything as required from the stock installation of the CMS as per correct security practices.

So, of course, said web site was therefore hacked to download malware to our kind visitors.

Because doing small things like security would have been an 'extra-cost upgrade', supposedly.


The developed web site had bugs, improperly implemented security, lousy layout choices, inadequate good descriptions and truncated index listings, etc etc etc. Fixed, of course, after I got a handle on PHP, debugged the pages (I haven't programmed in years), updated the CMS, moved it once to a new location (which was a poor choice, the (major, big box) hosting service sucks), etc etc etc.

Does anything ever change??

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