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"The EU have admitted they will be enforcing a hard border. We done need nor seem to want to so thats the EU."

They didn't 'admit' anything (they are not in the dock, after all). They stated the obvious: when people or goods enter or leave the EU, that's crossing a border and of course checks will need to be applied, unless there is an international agreement in place. You don't just drive between France and Switzerland: you drive past a customs post in both countries. The agreements (including Schengen) are such that you probably won't be stopped if your car has EU or Swiss plates on. But there's a border. There is (and will be) such a border between France and the UK, with passport and visa checks because the UK is not in Schengen. Why would it be any different at the border between Ireland and the UK, after Brexit? Only because an agreement has been reached - an agreement which the House of Commons barfed over.

(And: Why isn't Ireland in Schengen? Because the UK isn't. If Ireland had joined Schengen, we'd already have passport and visa checks at the Ireland/Northern Ireland border.)

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