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Openreach to heap faster broadband on UK's media-heavy hubs


Another correlation, urban degradation and connectivity.

As I've said before, poor quality internet and urban blight, seem to be one and the same. Interesting that the economic effects of the areas concerned bear no relation and have even more of an impact with the lack of banking facilities on the voids between the ears.

We have business parks with barely ADSL and mobile signal. I put a request in for an upgrade, via an enterprise contact for one such area, including land access and much else for free, repeated requests. Not a button.

My last encounter with Openreach took over five years to get a circuit installed, possibly a record. One of the conduits had to be achieved by going through the subcontractor in reverse and the other issue was again it stops when it rains and the pole is rotten. #allroadsleadnorth

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