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Facebook cuts off independent political ad reviewers, claims security concerns

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Noticing a pattern here...

Facebook has cut off independent reviewers of political ads that run on its platform, citing security concerns.

I've noticed that this rubric of "security" (an updated derivative of "Won't somebody think of the cheeeldren!") is starting to permeate the lexicon of large, fatass corporations whose primary business is productizing and monetizing its users' data. This is being used to make some of its less transparent operations more palatable to the illiterati, because, well, who isn't against "improving" security, right?

I call bullshit. Any company that hides something under the blanket of "security concerns" should have to pass the same smell test that Micros~1 did (and still must) when it starts spouting its classic BS line about "improving security".

Hey! There is a pattern goes back even farther that I thought!

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