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I was a happy clappy plusnet customer for years, but when they got bought by BT, this was the last BT straw/insult that made me leg it to Virgin (and I'm very happy, I hate to say, and I never have to visit my usage, or billing, or any other stats, which virgin probably don't provide anyway, because information is precioussss - for them, no doubt).


this was supposed to be an anti-BT rant, and I was going to say that I'd sooner install Windows 10 or join facebook (and that's my veryclear andveryred lines thankyouverymuch) then get anywhere near ANY BT-related business, ever (sorry But then, a crunchy, yummy baguette found its way into my stomach, and I calmed down. So, on this note, **** YOU BT! **** YOU BACK TO FRONT, LEFT TO RIGHT AND BACKWARDS!!!

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