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"they've looked at what they've got and bodged it to make it do something new... "

Looked at what they've previously had, failed to understand what it actually does and needs to do, and been sold something that doesn't do as much as it should and what it does try to do fails badly.

"I'm not convinced anyone involved in the development of the current site has ever actually built a website before. It's that bad."

My guess is that someone has sold BT Sheffield a "pair of "integrated" telco business and operational support systems, targeted to a different geographical market with different technology and tariff and service billing and accounting practices at both B2B and B2C levels, a setup not targeted at actual ISP end user setups, and under real end user load conditions and with all the necessary glue to make it even anything remotely capababble, it's all gone a bit Pete Tong.

Funny how that never hapens with any other all singing all dancing enterprise integrations packages which can fix anything with a few weeks of customisation. (Well, actually, it happens with lots of them, but the board-level people are usually too focused on their own interests to have noticed that).

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