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"another one to cross off the list of possible ISPs if I change along with TalkTalk, BT etc."

Just in case a reminder is needed: Plusnet *are* (part of) BT.

"BT buys PlusNet for CRM system

Telco is paying £67m to win a popular CRM platform and 200,000 new customers

Richard Thurston

By Richard Thurston | November 16, 2006"

See also e.g.


the group's mobile, broadband and content strategies have shifted, as have its plans for smart homes, family plans, streaming partnerships and services - all of which has been in the works since BT snapped up EE for £12.5bn in 2015. Leading the news is the development of the BT Plus platform which will bring together the distinct bundles onto a single bill.


EE are more tech savvy and want the latest iPhone

Plusnet's role is to attract value customers, without the bells and whistles."


Or maybe Plusnet is just without the bills, never mind the whistles.

And maybe EE customers 'wanting the latest iPhone' are just fashion victims, not tech savvy.

I have phone and broadband with Plusnet for legacy reasons, and similarly a 2nd mobile service with EE for legacy reasons (dating back to Orange Line 2 days). Would I recommend Plusnet or EE for new purchasers? Very very unlikely (but then the rest are mostly as bad).

I haven't yet worked out why various relatively recent articles here on El Reg don't seem to see the connection between EE and BT (in particular in the case of the Emergency Services Network, which involves people's safety) see e.g.

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