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I Live in Huddersfield.

I have been using Virgin since it came down our street. (20 years ago ?)

Originally called Cableonline (Using Dual ISDN), Then it change its name to NTL, Now it is Virgin (although I think the real "Virgin" have nothing to do with this company now)

Started off with Dual ISDN, 64k * 2 a long time ago, Finallly changed to "Broadband" 500k - Wow. That was a sea change. Now I am on 200mb Broadband, Ithink Fibre to the cabinet and coax to the house.

All in all for all these years (probably nearly 20) it has been relatively trouble free and the speed I pay for is the speed i get. Not the cheapest but considering the speed I get I can live with it. Now I know there are people that have a much worse experience that I do with Virgin. But thems the breaks. We just seem to have been lucky here.

I am soooo glad I am not stuck with using bell wire for internet.

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