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UK-EU infosec data sharing may not be KO'd by Brexit, reckons ENISA bod

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Softly Softly Catchee Monkey

And all these woes boil down to Pork Bellies, or Concentrated Frozen OJ ... Sheesh!, great games playing life and soul destroying sporting antics that some would rather turn the page on and Simply move on.

But let me Guess!, there will be some further plausably undeniablely deniability requirement by the high society, higher nobility.

As for intelligence, and how such is measured, is it not a fact that the higher the intelligence, or as I like to attribute ‘vision’ the unhappier the subject becomes?, this is true to the fact when the vision unveilled is that of morally devoid institutions unwilling to accept their contribution to a failed system.

Still, look on the bright side :-)

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