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"The Pro Brexit vote was heavily influenced by completely fake promises and lies, while the Pro Remain side stood around and did bugger all."

Bugger all? Lies, fake promises, direct threats against the population by the government, abuse of public funds to push a propaganda leaflet, failure to perform the duties of the government to bias the vote, the BoE breaking its independence to try and influence a political vote and caught misrepresenting the facts. And I wouldnt be shocked if more could be added to that list.

"We now have a situation where we're told that the feelings of 52% of the vote are of paramount important while the feelings of the 48% of the vote don't matter at all and should be completely disregarded"

We now have a situation where a minority expect their opinion to be worth more than everyone elses and to overthrow democracy because they didnt get the result they wanted.

"Politics used to be all about compromise, delivering the best for everyone - now it's just old farts clinging to power and money - nobody cares about the population."

Politics is politics and democracy while far from perfect is the best way to reign in those who abuse politics. Unfortunately some people would like to overthrow democracy and impose their minority will on the population somehow mistaking 48% to be larger than 52%. Obviously with no care for the population.

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