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It was once said to me amfM “Do the right things and the right things will happen”.

What happens when the right things become the wrong things, especially when delivered by a questionable guiding hand?, and in particular when such a guiding hand changes direction over what seems like almost a decade.

The persistent threat ‘is’ the guiding hand, and not that which is expected to follow, that which follows loses perhaps not its own integrity but identity, and becomes reliant not on ambiguity but instruction and nothing more than a practical prisoner of war.

“Fear is not an effective motivator”, a quote from a rerun of a Netflix series watched whilst whiling wasted days attempting to interpret said instrumental instructions, and indeed in itself a said truth, nothing can be achieved by terrorising an individual to a point where a said task or tasks SIMply are impossible to perform, and therein lies the fundamental flaw in the execution of the mundanity of the process.

Event + Reaction = Outcome, the reaction is dependant and determined by the program, the problem is not the program but the ability to ‘see’ the program, a machine would simply execute the program, and not be influended by such factors as moral judgement, and therein lies the problem.

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