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Nope, I think the various interested parties will all line up behind the party when pushed, especially when besieged by a rival party, and the good of the nation can be shored up afterwards with some belt tightening and another IT project that is sure to wave the magic wand this time.

Hell, all the PM has to do at this point is mollify a small group of loonies from a marginal part of non-mainland U.K. that probably won't be part of the country in forty to sixty years....

The only thing that's going to fix things is more cross-party cabinets, then they can spend their time bickering and only dealing with vitally important matters and stop hassling the country with trivia like brexit and mandated age verification.

Better off moving the government to the Isle of Wight, or better still Azkaban, (it doesn't? can't we build one?).

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