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I couldn't say (possibly because ICBA to follow your link) but various flavours of non-democratic nationalist socialism have always been prevalent, and still are, and are adaptable to any local ethnography. Arguably China is our current best example, since they're running some top notch non-optional holiday camps for selected peoples, execute dissenters with mobile killing vans, build lots of physical infrastructure as a big job creation scheme, have a top grade internal surveillance and secret police, vice like grip of state administration etc etc.

And on the point of state administration, that is largely what the Nazi SS was - an all encompassing state administration service used to effect party controls on the economy and society. The Waffen SS who have the reputation as brutal but effective soldiers were only a small part of the whole (and not all of the Waffen SS achieved that standard). For those fascinated by such things, there's a very good book by Chris McNab on the history here. Don't worry, you won't finish it and start fashioning your own armband.

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