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Heh, a student here, for his art project, had rigged up an old color copier so you could scan your face (it was installed in public, so no butts please!) and it would output the scan with a comment about your apparent mood printed across it.

Being a tech head, I was racking my brain trying to think of how a smart, but relatively non-technical, user had managed to hack that feature into the copier!

The answer was he had loaded the paper tray with paper pre-printed with words sufficiently wishy-washy that they could relate to any face scanned on to them, printed-side-down and oriented so it came out correct-way-up to look like the word was printed at the same time as the face-scan was.

I'm just the tech. support, so don't assess student work, but I hope he got full marks for that piece of simple genius!

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