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We have had many problems with Office365 and its attempt to send emails through our MX redirect to our Mail Filtering System, from emails not arriving at all or arriving very late. Our security company is adamant its not them - They answer my calls quickly, and they come to our office to check our systems. But, speaking to an MS Operative is like talking to a brick - "Why are you doing this?" is a common question I get asked.

"Because I like my life to be difficult" I think to myself, but I answer, "Because we need this MX record redirect because we have been hit a few times with bad emails and this system works well for us, so can you redirect the emails to our MS redirect?"

"Eh, I'll need to pass it up..."

Okay, if I was by myself and make the decisions I would dump Office365 and return to on-premises email system, but I am not and I don't

Hopefully, one day, MS will actually think that they are not the only IT business out there, and everything which is not MS security is "BAD".

But, I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

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