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EasyJet boss says pre-Chrimbo Gatwick drone chaos cost it £15m

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> So what happens if somebody sees a bird near an airport ?

You could have just asked the question and saved the snarkiness, and that's leaving aside your absence of familiarity with the subject at hand.

Birdstrike is a well controlled risk for which we have numerous mitigation measures, going from the aeroplanes actually being certified to withstand birdstrikes (e.g., windscreens will not shatter and single bird ingestion will not cause an uncontained engine failure or structural compromise), to bird control measures in and near airports (e.g., by vegetation management, use of trained falcons), to monitoring (e.g., large or unusual concentrations may be NOTAMed, or the airport even closed), to long-term study of bird populations and behaviour.

Similar measures are only incipient when it comes to UAVs.

And btw, the leading cause of aviation accidents is human error, i.e., people like me screwing up and other people not realising before it's too late.

Edited to add: I have two known birdstrikes under my belt so far. No damage.

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