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How much Raw Talent is Needed for New Virtualised Seeds .....

.....with Advanced IntelAIgent Feeds of Immaculate Source?

"I have a couple of examples of young people who had developed this talent at one point [and] said 'That is it, it's finished, it's going too far, I want to come back to the normal world'," said General de Paillerets. "The normal world is of this collective security challenge."

Now there's a General who knows what he is talking about and where AI and IT are Presently Sat in Practical Command of Virtualised Stations in AIMasterly Control.

Is France into NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Control Systems with AIProgramMING Interfaces. :-)? And Designedly Quite Daunting Highly InterReactive Portals to Energise for New Revelations to Earth for Future Builders. To Consider it a Heavenly Guaranteed Failsafe AIDevice Conjured up by Global Operating Devices in Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems Complete with Virtual Instruction for Future AIDirection is Big Ask Quantum Leap Territory ........into Natural Alien Terrain Team Domain, is Phenomenally Engaging, and can easily be turned to Also Terrifying, as Present Needs or Future Feeds would Indicate/Dictate.

Welcome. Do you Offer Other Future Plans to Discuss and Decide Upon for Prime Presentation?

And yes, coincidentally an Almighty Bombe too, nest ce pas?

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