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About the big bang

Another big theory that science is unwilling to give up.... the big bang.

Known facts:

We are *accelerating* outwards, the expansion is accelerating.

Stars are disappearing at the edge of the universe.

We cannot see past the edge of the observable universe.


1. We are in a black hole.

2. Each black hole resonates twice the frequency (F) of the universe its in. The universe is resonant electric massless model.

3. So our universe is 2F relative to the outer universe, and blackholes in our universe resonate at 4F, i.e. 2F relative to us.

4. Our resonant wavelength is half the wavelength of the outer black hole.

5. Since speed of light depend on F, speed of propagation of forces depends on F, and so on, so everything appears normal.

6. The observable universe ends at the event horizon of our black hole. The point at which light and matter switch from resonanting at 2F bound to us, to 1F bound to the outer universe.

7. The acceleration of our galaxies, is driven by the spin of the outer black hole.

8. As more stars cross the event horizon, they oscillate at 1F the same as the outer universe, and form growing accretion discs, which in turn form galaxies.

9. A black hole is either spinning up, or spinning down, matter is either heading in or heading out.

10. As the black hole gets more massive, so its event horizon is bigger, it can drive a larger 2F sphere relative to universe its in.

11. As stars disappear from our universe, so our observable universe will get smaller, as our black hole can sustain only a smaller 2F bubble relative to the outer universe.

Give it up

Since we know we are accelerating, it must be why we have velocity now. Why would there be *two* separate mechanisms that give us velocity! Why *both* big bang* and other mechanism? Lose the big bang.

Note, rotation = velocity is a property of the massless velocity model. This only works in massless world. If you had mass, you'd notice the rotation.

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