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It's also worth pointing out that the connection between the 'entangled' photons via matter is TWO way.

It isn't just that a slit sets position according to phase/frequency/polarization etc. one way only.

You can set polarization via crystals for example. The circular polarizer in your 3D glasses uses a crystalline layer that has the property of slowing light in one diagonal axis more than another, turning vertical or horizontal polarization into rotation. Either clockwise or anti-clockwise spin.

Two such filters half a wavelength apart could turn horizontal into vertical polarization.

i.e. the property polarization can be set via interaction with matter, depending on wavelength and position, it is not just that position is set from polarization! Two-way not one way.

All these properties are interconnected via the interaction with matter.

Entanglement is false.

Particle to energy to particle is also therefore false.

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