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Look at decay mechanism

Look at it from a different angle, the decay mechanism.

You have a fundamental particle, a "Higgs Boson", or some other from the standard model, lets call it X.

Particle X is fundamental, and does not contain particle Y. *However* the claim is that Particle X *decays* to form particle Y. The actual mechanics claimed here is X to energy to Y+other articles.

But Y gets properties from X, e.g. spin is common, position and others depending on the decay.

The claim is that properties from X are transferred to Y via unknown magic called quantum entanglement. And various experiments show that this mechanism could transfer properties across space and backwards in time. This is usually claimed as proof via photons.

So lets examine entanglement, beyond the basic flaws in causality and propagation, lets look at the experimental 'proofs'.


Entanglement basic claim:

Properties like spin, polarization, phase, position are independent.

In entangled particles, when you measure one, the others are set in entangled particles across space and time, backwards in time if necessary, affecting past interactions.

Entanglement reality

A filter signal is used. It selects the subset of 'successful entangled' photons. It filters for time, it is selecting the particles at the same time, i.e. in a resonant universe, it is selecting the same resonant phase.

Entanglement properties are demonstrably not independent

Put light through a vertical slit (a polarizing filter is just a series of slits), and it will bend, spreading out according to phase, the spread depends on the slit width, it depends on wavelength (i.e. oscillation or spin properties).

In other words all those properties are connected via their interaction with matter. POSITION IS SET BY INTERACTION OF THESE PROPERTIES WITH THE MATTER OF THE SLIT.

And you know this, you *measure* the phase using a slit, you measure polarization using a polarizing filter! You literally cannot measure these properties directly without interacting them with matter and measuring the displacement!

So, you own experiment disproves your own experimental hypothesis.


Matter is resonant, it's oscillating and pushing via electric force, you've witnessed both oscillations and electric force, and given time, it must equalize out.... you cannot deny resonance, so you must know that the matter in the polarizing filter is resonant with other matter. Including your laser.

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