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Did they even make mass?

OK, a simple thought experiment

1. You have light, and its electric and magnetic field.

2. And light comes from matter.

3. So the +ve and -ve that form the electric field in light must be the same matter

4. But they're really weak in light, you cannot bend it. If the -ve is the same as in an electron how did it get weak?

5. Suppose that velocity is the cause of the weakness in 4.

6. So if you accelerated an electron is a magnetic field causes the magnetism/electric property to decrease, you'd have to push harder and harder.

7. And you've observed that, it's a known phenomenon. Accelerating an electron is harder the faster it goes.


8. If accelerating an electron in a magnetic field makes 'mass', why isn't light super massive?

You see what I'm saying here, CERN are not making mass when they accelerate particles, they're making fast particles.

And when they smash together and CERN detects the breakdown products, or their bend response in a magnetic field, its not really a measure of 'mass' from velocity because the field they're bending against must be weakened by the velocity from 6.

Consider diffraction

9. If the bending of light in glass is from magnetic or electric field....

10. Which it must be because light ONLY has a magnetic electric field...

11. The more light is slowed, the stronger the field in light, and so the more it must bend

12. Which is an observed effect

Again, here we have a common observation which suggests that field strength decreases with increased velocity.

None of the above needs you to accept electric resonant massless model. But velocity in that model does explain this mechanism and it is trivial to understand, and very trivial to model.


You're claim is you accelerated particles to give them 'mass', you smashed the particles together, and claim it made a complex particle which decayed, and you detected some fragments, which you measured and declared you'd found the Higgs Boson.

But if you don't make mass, all you did was make the breakdown products directly.

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