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Surface firmware problems

I was asked to help fix a surface pro 3 that had developed a firmware problem, in that it would not recognize the correct charge for its battery, so would not hold a charge at all despite having a relatively new battery. This had been fixed in a firmware patch that would not install because "The battery level must be above 40% and the device must be connected to power to install this update". I tried a lot of things to circle around this error, but no luck. In addition, the charging cable, which uses the same strategy as Apple's magsafe connectors so that it can come out easily if disturbed, meant that ordinary activities could pull it out and force a long recovery process. So the people who asked me to fix their surface now have a particularly weird desktop, with its magnetic power plug taped into the socket, the cable taped to the back, and the device taped to the table. The least portable device built with extreme portability as the defining goal.

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