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>but in 1990 I think it was Cat-3...

I tend to agree, however, during the late 1980's there was much innovation as people played around with Cat 3/twisted-pair to get better data rates (ie. 100Mbps+) and lower noise levels/signal attenuation. So given what was also happening with network adaptors - remember IEEE802.3 itself was undergoing revision to support higher data rates and the use of twisted pair (10BaseT was ratified in 1990) and other media, I would not be surprised, given this was a new installation and by a company with money, if both cable and network adaptors were based on Draft Standards, which were prone to cause problems if you mixed vendors kit...

Personally, in my experience many companies were still using cheapernet (10Bas5) into the mid-1990's - I think the last time I used cheapernet was in 1998 (3Com PCMCIA NIC with dongle).

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