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I had to comment because in all of this, what I don't see mentioned is the total cost/savings. I didn't use a Lisa, but in 1987, working in DoD industry, my boss convinced his boss to buy us each a Mac and an apple laser printer. We wrote things, mostly, like test plans and related documents. After that our workload was reduced at least 75% not to mention the workload we reduced for the document control department. What we went through to write a test plan, including all the drawings, was onerous to say the least - Until we got the Macs. In addition, by 1987 MickeySoft has introduced Excel for Mac (well before it was available for PCs), which was one heck of a nice time saver. There was even a finite element analysis program for the Mac. You simply can not cite an equipment cost. You have to take into account total cost and savings. My "office" circa 1987:

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