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Im leaving this place

Been with DXC / CSC a few years as a consultant.

This place is pure chaos! every project you work on is delayed by at least 6 months, people are either leaving or made redundant. Every project i work on i get automatic replies saying this person or that person is no longer with the company. All the customers are truly cheesed off, work is outsourced to cheaper labour countries and the service is terrible as these outsourced teams have too much work piled onto them.

It is almost impossible to get expenses paid back, everything is urgent and thrown onto you last second, mangers are not replaced etc etc

I get told "ok today you are a specialist in this" without even knowing what the products are!

It is just crazy how they sell and promise work to customers which is why so many engineers etc just get stressed out and move on.

A day in the life is basically fighting your way through the internal systems to get access to resources, docs etc, which nobody seems to have any answers to, then getting access to accounts your supposed to be working on, in-fighting to get access as other teams are going through the same crap as you, and just as cheesed off and un-motivated.

I will be leaving very shortly, its going to mentally kill me to stay, its just not worth it, employees get stressed because they want to do right by the customer, and is often why they stay so long, but it is just utter chaos, nobody seems to be in control of anything.

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