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yeah massively OT.

but like wossname said: while you're here

> Whether we would have or not, we should have. The EU has brought countless benefits to the UK.

This intrigues me.

See, I'm Australian so don't have a dog in the fight. But I DID spend 20yrs in the UK & EU so got to see it all up close in practice.

In all that time, I could not for the life of me see anything other than negative for the UK from EU membership. Massive cash extraction, hijacking of even larger amounts of tax money to be redirected from UK pref to EU bureau-prefs, massive additional fiscal drag, serious political and legal drag and/or hijacking, etc.

In return for: slight smoothing&speeding of cross-border traffic&trade. Which is NOT an EU benefit, rather an EEC benefit.

I was baffled.


Tell me: WHAT are these "countless benefits"?

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