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I changed out a power supply once in my work computer, when the IT guy found out he said it needed to be returned to how it was (broken) and then for me to file a repair request. I did as he suggested. A few days later the computer was collected, and a week or so after that they were unable to find the fault or funding to fix the unit, so I had to wait for them to order a new unit for the sales team, and for the sales computer to be formatted and have the os loaded again. All in all it took them about two weeks and then about 6 months more to request the specific software I had to use. Sadly the old software could not be recovered due to the machine non working.

Yes, sometimes users cause problems. Sometimes power-hungry idiotic IT departments are worse.

None of our computers had CD drives either, so once when the IT department put the service CD in the network drive for us, we copied the whole thing over to our computers. Life was so great. We all received a formal warning for that, as the IT department had not deemed it allowable. They deleted all stored PDF files we had and locked the service CD in the safe. To get a document off of it we had to file a request AND wait for the network CD drive to not be in use. I think at the time the CD cost £12 to buy (Early 2000's). When the IT manager went on vacation we had no access to PDF documents, but there was a warehouse down the road that would photocopy paper documents for us to use :/….

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