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Had that recently with a user complaining post Christmas that he was the only person in, couldn't print & he had tried "Everything in his knowledge".

Given he hadn't specified the exact nature of his problem with the printer, Windows or Parts system printing & not answering his phone:

He was e-mailed a guide to reinstall the driver, standard fix for 99% of Windows print issues for our users (Local print drivers on each machine in every branch deployed via Software Center, without need of admin rights) & to supply more information.

He emailed back with a update "Still no joy, parts printing system, panic struck & has checked everything again", lunchtime was upon me, so ticket was passed over to the Information Systems team as a lot of the parts guys only have one printer & can't quickly change to another printer preferring it to be done at IS end.

On my return we received a third update requesting urgent help, so I was about to assign the ticket to IS again with a request to make it a priority, when IS guy stuck his head around the door.

Fixed - No paper in the printer.

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