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"*Even these days some organisations make assumptions about cost instead of looking at TCO. "

If you want to talk about TCO - "cheap printers"(*) are extraordinarily expensive to run and colour prints are 4-6 times the cost of mono ones.

That holds as true now (I just costed up million print operational lives) as it did when I did it a decade ago.

(*) The £10k printer with a 1-3 million print lifespan will cost about 2% more to run at 100k prints as the £1k printer, and about 1/2 as much at 1 million prints (you'll have purchased 3 of the cheaper printers by then, or 8 if you didn't buy maintenance kits)

If you buy a £500 printer then at 100k prints the $10k printer will cost 50-75% of the $500 printer cost you and you'd be very to try printing 1 million pages on £500 printers because the consumables will bankrupt you.

Of course if you're only going to print 1000 pages/year then the £500 printer is a no-brainer, but this demonstrates WHY you don't put a £1k printer in a school resource room (or a single £10k printer - it's a SPOF) and expect it to turn out 500k pages/year.

Inkjets are even more stupidly expensive to run and only make sense if you need high quality photographic quality output and are printing at least 2-3 pages/day (else the ink dries out)

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