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The other annoying kind are the ones who open a whole bloody ream of paper and load in _just enough_ for their job to complete.

Never mind that the printer takes an entire ream.

The paper left laying around quickly gets spoiled/damaged by the other office twats and can't go into the printer.

These are the same ones who take jobs off the running printer, find it's not theirs and toss it back down, resulting in prints that are out of order (a common helpdesk complaint - remember printers usually output face down), or worse, yank it out of the duplexer and cause the printer to panic (another common helpdesk complaint)

There are times when I just sit by the printer to observe who the culprits are (they don't care who's watching) and wish I had a cattle prod. Instead I restrict their access and make them go and collect their jobs from under the baleful gaze of the Office Rottweiler.

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