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Are you sure your disc drive has stopped rotating, or are you just ignoring the messages?


I know this has nothing to do with IT/computer problems, but it's in the same sort of category. In the early seventies, a friend of mine bought a stereo with a record deck and two speakers from a large department store. It also had a radio built in. After a couple of weeks, it stopped playing his vinyl records so he took it back to the service department of this store and they told him to come in a week later when it should be fixed.

He got a phone call the same day to say it was ready. When he got back there, he was puzzled as to why it took so little time to repair. "Easy," said the assistant. "You had accidentally pressed the 'radio' button but it wasn't tuned to any station. So it was silent apart from a low buzzing sound !"

He said he pulled his collar right up when he left in case anyone wondered why his face was now the colour of crimson. When he got home, he permanently taped down the correct button as he never listened to the radio anyway.

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