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Bah and double bah. I work in a large office with literally dozens of people, all of whom have a piece of paper to say they are clever and know stuff. Many of them have the nerve to add the words "engineer" or "architect" after the word software to indicate to all comers how clever they are. But these fine fellows seem to have missed out on portions of their expensive educations, to whit:

A printer will not replace its own toner even if you tape a notice on it saying "out of toner".

Ditto "out of paper". This one is doubly annoying as the supply department is on our floor, about 75 feet from the furthest printer.

A printer repairman will not appear as if by magic if one writes "This printer is broken! REPAIR IT!" on a sheet of letter paper left by said printer, because the repair man does not have The Force strong in him and requires a ticket from the help desk to get moving. The help desk phone number has four digits, three of them the same digit to make it easy to remember and dial.

The seat on a toilet is fitted with a hinge. Even though I venture to guess that this most simple of machines pre-dates the wheel by several centuries, my "engineer" colleagues seem ignorant of the workings of it to judge by the quantities of urine splashed about on the seats.

The pipe connecting the commodes to the sewer line is about three inches in diameter and will not accommodate the flushing of an entire roll of toilet paper without clogging. My 'engineer" co-workers seem unable to extrapolate that if the bog jammed solid when they tried this on Friday last week, the week before, the week before that and the week before that, *this* Friday's attempt will likely end up in wet feet and angry people.

My fellow "architects" seem unable to understand that once the bog has been blocked by a rather thick experimenter, taking a crap on the resulting mess is not a good idea, and flushing after one does will not end well.

The microwave oven does not have the power of speech. A notice reading "is this microwave oven dangerous?" will likely receive no answer unless I see it, when the answer will not be considered helpful or polite.

The said microwave is not self repairing, nor do the facilities staff show any signs of possessing ESP powers. Taping a note to the oven reading "This microwave is broken" will not result in a miraculous repair or replacement.

Between the lift doors is not a good place to begin a lengthy a-la-Google meeting at 5:30 pm.

The revolving door is not a good place to reply to a text if you are incapable of walking in a circle and typing, especially at 9:30 am or 5:30 pm.

Please, do talk about the innate stupidity of users, but don't imagine for one second that our own are any less idiotic and selfish.

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