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Some years ago I was designing a piece of software that would replace a commercial offering we were using then but that was incompatible with Windows 7.

The user showed me how it worked and what they did daily, "press F3 once then type something then press F3 twice and check the values, then press F3 n times", etc.

Each time F3 was pressed, the program advanced to the next part of the workflow.

I then asked how to go back to the previous screen in case you wanted to recheck something.

"Well, you press F3 until you get to main screen again and restart pressing F3 until the screen you missed is shown", was the answer.

I looked a bit closer for a second, then pressed F2. And, to the amazement of the user, the previous screen was presented.

Yes, although the user had been using that program for over 10 years, they had never read the instructions shown at the bottom of every screen!

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