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Re: Partly our own fault - or our bosses'

Indeed. I once attended a site to try and restore lost data. This is the late 90's

They had a backup regime which consisted of an elderly secretary who's PC had a tape drive.

Her written instructions were very clear - each morning, take the [previous days'] tape out of her computer and replace with the one that had that had today's day written on it.

Don't mess with anything and don't do anything other than this.

Which the lady had followed religiously.

Alas the backup software hadn't run so there were no backups.

The poor lady was close to tears as their "IT guy" was trying to give her hell. I don't think he appreciated my putting the blame squarely back onto his shoulders in front of the MD.

He then, of course, tried to allude that the fault was mine. I genuinely laughed in his face.

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