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3rd-line support

i.e. supposed to be at least slightly aware of How Things Work. One of my "most experienced" co-workers, upon receiving an SOS from first-line support citing hundreds of complains about an expired certificate preventing access to a critical online application, insisted on getting an answer to "is it reproducible with another browser?" and would not act upon it before getting said answer. As everyone knew, strictly enforced company policy was that no other browser than MSIE could be installed on end-user machines. When I got in I simply asked the Big Cheese for this application to check their certificates, which got the issue solved in a little less than an hour (yes, they had forgotten to renew the certificate).

We lost half a day of worldwide productivity on this one. The person responsible for the cockup got promoted, altough they apparently didn't do too well in their new role and got downgraded a few month later. Karma, I guess.

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