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@Dr Dan Holdsworth

Nice attack vector, assuming the attack doesn't have any nasty side effects but even then unless you completely irradicate then those that survive evolve to cope resulting in all your expensive research becoming increasingly useless. In the event that you did manage to kill all the roaches then something else would take it's place and you would need to start again against a possibly worse replacment.

The more holistic approach is always to attack/remove the niche i.e. reduce food availiblity for example, yes you may push the target into a new niche but the chances are it will lbe less optimised than the current organism living there, rather than using science to create a superroach that may be more of a problem than the existing strain.

The fact is that the more humans there are the greater the likelihood that organisms will evolve to live off us, use our best weapons now and they will be useless when we actually need them.

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