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Statistics does not work that way. As with all science the point is you prove your case, showing how you came to the conclusion, you don't hide and obfuscate your assumptions so no one else can duplicate/test your results.

For example: If HADCRU hadn't made such a pigs ear of the climate change data and actually logged how the data had been treat or how the models had been refined perhaps there would be fewer climate deniers or arguments over whether the data had been "massaged" to give the consensus, but I digress.

"the root cause of the Uk's perceived problems with the EU are to be found in Westminster (something N.Farage and I agree on)"

That I agree with. UKgov, of both blue and red persuasions, has used the EU as an excuse to ignore the wishes of the electorate (Sorry it's the EU, our hands are tied!) so when they eventually gave the public the choice, of course there was an up swell for leave. The EUs behaviour in respect of the Ireland referendum didn't do it any favours either.

I think a proportion of the leavers is down to giving parliament a slap for not actually representing the interests of the constituents.

Personally, I think the EU will collapse in on itself within 10 years and do not want to be under the rubble when it falls, Italy's populists, the yellow vests in France, Germany's far right, they are all signs we need to get out from under this edifice before it is too late.

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