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NHS England's chief digital officer goes full digital, ditches health service for GP app biz

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Because "apps"

It all allows the public to see how with-it Matt Hancock et al are, that they're up with all the cool stuff to fix problems.

The annoying thing with all of this is that the NHS has no idea about basic processes. No organisation of that scale gives you only a call option. If I want to book physio at Nuffield, it's via the web. Log in, select service, book. I don't believe prescriptions need me calling Norah on reception who then spends time dealing with it to pass to a doctor and get printed. I'm sure this could be me clicking a button and a GP going down a list and confirming yes or that they need to talk to a patient first. Then I get my prescription sent, with a barcode, to my phone. The barcode is then verified at the pharmacy when scanned.

I mean, National Express manage this. Cineworld manage this. It can't be that challenging.

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