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"But *my* "opinion" is real fact and *is* worth more than the paltry few per cent who voted to Brexit."

And that there is the exact problem. Your 'real fact' is amusingly your opinion. Just because you believe you are right doesnt mean you are (see religions).

"For more than twelve millennia the global trend has been to create and maintain ever larger, more technologically sophisticated and more complex societies. Small family units, clans, tribes, villages, towns, cities, confederations of cities and towns, countries, empires all leading to a global government,"

Really? Because that seems very different to history where empires and land grab was the way to increase a kingdoms wealth while now it seems free flow of information, low trade costs and low trade barriers seem to allow items to be made all over the world and cooperation of differing groups seems to work.

The collective or central managed or anything of such seems to have fallen and failed fairly consistently while individuals and small groups have made sweeping changes. The reducing difficulty and increased innovation is allowing smaller and smaller groups of people to achieve their own goals.

"Insisting that "Scotland" is too small a unit to be viable while UKland is perfect an EUland is obnoxiously over-large is petty, insular, backwards and daft."

Scotland is too socialist with their give-aways and governmental interventions that they require money from England to sustain it. If they had got independence (and I was fine with that) they would very quickly have to join the real world.

The Euro is too large, thats just an economic problem with little to argue against it. The problem with the EU is the incompetence and micromanaging from on high. A situation being greatly rejected by the populations of member countries.

"instead of squabbling over petty, trivial little local matters."

Bendy bananas. People who paid for a domain name suddenly losing them without compensation because we hurt the EU's feewings. Call a wambulance. And those petty tossers are the EU.

"One world, one government, one language, (though having a second tongue to use among your friends is fine), one currency. No borders. No passports, currency exchanges or other nonsense."

Which requires nothing to go wrong, everyone to behave perfectly and who would be the great dictator of the terran empire? The Junker idiot claiming something about English will no longer be the primary language of the EU, and having to switch to English so his audience would understand that statement.

"*That* is our future, not parochial twitterings like Brexit. Twelve millennia of History back me up."

You started by claiming your opinion was fact and moved into an amusing terran government of the world (under General Bison?) and end with the amusing and factually incorrect statement of "Twelve millennia of History back me up". Next time use the joke icon.

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