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Sounds the type that uses acronymns constantly and (exciting) terms like "Pink Cloud" (yes, it's genuine and nonsense). That's when I feel like I've been doing the IT implementation drudge for far too long, bailing these type of people out, when the shit hits the fan, as it invitably does after vast budgets have been spent, as they move onto the next new - big shiney.

Technology for the NHS doesn't need to be 'exciting', it needs to be boring, robust, have longevity (at least 10 years) with the minimum amount of steps to get hold of the data you need to treat the patient, importantly timely and failsafe.

The biggest thing really should be nailing down the contracts on the equipment firmware/software (preferably opensource), how that equipment will be maintained. There is so little due diligence in this area.

Simplicity is key (don't worry it'll get complicated from use, so start of simple), anything that adds multiple layers of complications or 'quirks', is going to cost you dear, as everything slowly turns into a can of worms to maintain over time anyway.

On that note I'll add:

Rolling out Windows 10 in the NHS, is the biggest 'wrong decision' the NHS has ever made.

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