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"And those complaining against it need to accept the result as this is a democracy and their opinion is not worth more than everyone elses."

But *my* "opinion" is real fact and *is* worth more than the paltry few per cent who voted to Brexit.

For more than twelve millennia the global trend has been to create and maintain ever larger, more technologically sophisticated and more complex societies. Small family units, clans, tribes, villages, towns, cities, confederations of cities and towns, countries, empires all leading to a global government,

Insisting that "Scotland" is too small a unit to be viable while UKland is perfect an EUland is obnoxiously over-large is petty, insular, backwards and daft.

We should be creating a Greater 'Merca with the southern bits and Canada adding to the bit in the middle. We should be *expanding* the Yurpeen Confedarcy to include Russia and its satellites. We should be making Great Asia. Then we should be merging those three into a global Terran Empire instead of squabbling over petty, trivial little local matters.

One world, one government, one language, (though having a second tongue to use among your friends is fine), one currency. No borders. No passports, currency exchanges or other nonsense.

One policing force.

Local councils, yes, but tiny ones.

*That* is our future, not parochial twitterings like Brexit. Twelve millennia of History back me up.

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