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Re: I guess plod IQ problems are universal...

Probably want to be firing off a request for information (suitably couched in legalese) to MediaTek or Qualcomm

Even if they made it, Motorola has the data. Take the box which your phone arrived in. It should have a sticker with all MACs and IMEI. Older, battery equipped phones also had one printed underneath the battery.

Further to this, even if it was Mediatek or Qualcomm making the chipset, the actual MAC is out of Lenovo/Motorola range - it has been programmed by the factory. Once again - leaving a data trail.

That is done by the manufacturer and it KEEPS the details exactly because of requests like this from law enforcement.

I stay by my original assessment. Das Plod is either fumbling the ball here or there is something else at work like f.e. a grey import with reflashed numbers.

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