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Vasectomies and Tubal Ligations are not only reversible, the body tends to reverce the surgical procedure all on its own! The body fixes itself. [Not hinting or making a miulti-leveled argument here**, just saying.]

On a Technical note, I think that cutting a person or business from the .eu TLD is bunk. How many US URL Shorteners use TLS from freakin' Everywhere (New York Times gets their NYT.MS from Montserrat) and my vanity domain uses Montenegro's TLD while I'm sitting in Seattle. In short: Who Gives A Shit? I do think that it's petty to boot the legal owners of an Internet Property and a Brand that they (may or may not) have put effort into building.

**I'm an American so I know jack and shit about that game of yours on the other side of the pool, other than you all seem very excited about it. Sorry, we've been trying to keep from drowning in stupidity over here to pay a whole lot of attention, my apologies.]

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