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Re: were not allowed to vote, even though decision affected them massively

There's a lot of it going about I'm afraid.

I personally know of a number of expat brits abroad who voted to leave, one of whom I know for fact at one point was supported in a decent lifestyle by EU hardship and cold weather payments for a number of years, who's sole motivation was it seems to reduce house prices in the UK so he could go back when he was at the point to be completely dependant on the NHS. By and large the majority were not in the systems correctly, registered, didn't pay tax, drove british plated cars with no tax or mot for years way outside the legality and spirit of the arrangements to move vehicles between states and relied on anything but a e1hc card for healthcare at their english speaking only doctor's. The UK should be happy about the prospect of welcoming that bunch of wasters home with open arms along with all the dodgy expat fly by night builders and other flotsam, we'll (the people doing it correctly and contributing to our host country) miss them and their little st Georges flags flying from their car aerials and houses marking their little enclaves, like a hole in the head.

Of course, none of them really thought various aspects through, and are bemoaning loudly about their pets no longer having passports post brexit, have realized they've shot themselves in the foot and are now busy flogging off their now holiday homes because of this.

Meanwhile I WAS eligible to postal vote, and the council responsible fubar'd my postal vote form despite me requesting it on 6 occasions.

I'm with Heyrick, I'm most the way through my own nationalisation and removal of british identity process.

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