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Indeed I'm not even certain what will happen

An yet that doesn't stop people commenting on how bad it will be.

Will the tax agreements remain reciprocal

Given that the agreements on things like tax, pension rights, passports, driving licences, etc. all predate the EU and are governed by worldwide treaties that are not part of the EU, there is no reason to expect them to change.

This is what so many people don't understand about the EU. There is a huge difference between things which the EU enables (like freedom to work elsewhere in the EU without needing to ask permission) and the many things which it simply requires, such as having a reciprocal tax agreement between member countries. These agreements are outside the EU framework, the EU just says "if you're a member, you need a reciprocal agreement on 'xxx' with other members". That agreement exists whether or not a country remains a member, unless it is separately changed, and I can't see the UK deciding to, say, break away from the 1949 Treaty of Vienna (to take one example) just because it's leaving the wholly-unrelated EU.

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