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If you've been dying to run some math on a dinky toy quantum computer, IBM may have something for you

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Money is not the issue.

No one knows how to build a quantum computer that's actually a computer in the sense people hear understand the term, IE whose functionality can be changed by changing its programming.

I'm starting to think finite automata may be the way forward. MIT were leading this in the early 00's with their CAM 8 machine, then someone trashed all the data after 1998 (which seems rather strange to put it mildly).

FSA can make very small tiles on an ASIC and have very high density. Their function is governed by a look up table (LUT) much like a single cell in an FPGA but with the proviso it's an SIMD. Like a RISC, it's all down to how good a compiler can compile the task into the LUT, and how often it has to trigger a LUT reload.

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