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It's not a 900lb gorilla ...

It's not a 900lb gorilla ... but I think it may be a Schrödinger feline. And it deniably exists at Ft Meade. NSA has always had beyond-cutting-edge stuff in its basement, both in terms of knowledge (still routinely hoovering up some of the smartest math talent on Earth) and hardware. Extremely motivated and gushingly funded, NSA can buy and, more importantly, build whatever it likes. It can buy, or by nature of its activities, steal whatever IP it wants. Furthermore, as a kind of icing on the cake, it can keep its best toys secret, on pain of dark, deep federal sanctions.

My point being that if you really want to know the most advanced status and capability of quantum computing right now, you'd have to ask NSA. And they sure as shinola will not tell you.

It is frustrating, I guess, to speculate about advances in stuff like QC, or even computing, comms and crypto generally, and know that out here we are probably at least five, more likely 10 years behind the best that has been achieved. But this has been true with respect to NSA since at least the 1960s and I don't expect it to change any time soon.

Does anyone who knows the field care to make an educated guess about What Lies Beneath ...?

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