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You do realise that she is an elected MP?

For those of us who don't live in Maidenhead (and who the **** can afford that?), she's not elected. I've never had the opportunity to vote for or against her, not even in theory.

Of course she's in a Damned-if-you-Do/Don't position, with an undefined decision to implement, and thugs who make Tommy Robinson sound like the voice of reason claiming "52%" for their fantasy.

Hmm, looks like a manifestation of what I posted two and a half years ago:

That’s an agenda claiming – and believing they have – a 52% electoral mandate, yet not really representing even the whole of the BNP/UKIP. Give them their isolationism and we can rapidly slip back to poverty, and with less food or energy security than even in the 1970s. Deny it to them and it seems most unlikely they’ll shut up.

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