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Lets say remain win. All the guarantees is another vote later. It would be impossible not to go to at least a best of three situation.

Complete rubbish! The first vote was on an aspiration. We have now negotiated the best deal we can get and now we know the terms which apply if we go ahead with leaving.

Our negotiations included playing the "ooh, if you don't give us a good deal we will leave without a deal and that will cost the German car industry a lot of business" card -- that is the reason the deal is as good as it is. The negotiation has happened, the only alternative now to accepting the negotiated deal is not to leave after all.

The second referendum will be on whether we want to leave on those terms or withdraw our resignation. There will be no question of a third referendum -- there is nothing to ask.

If Remain win the second referendum, Brexiters can try again in another generation if they want. But not before.

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